toshiba PA3884U

Tablet battery TOSHIBA PA3884U : Toshiba AT100 AT100-100 AT300/23C Tablet PC.Buy it here TOSHIBA PA3884U Tablet battery Price discount 30%,100% brand new,Quality Assurance,1 year warranty, 30 days return !

Price : £ 97
Discount Price : £ 68
Type : Li-ion
Coding : TOS2288_Ta
Voltage : 23Wh
Capacity : 10.8V
Quantity :
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1 . Full Refund if you don't receive your order.

2 . 30 days replacement, 1 year warranty.

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Item specifics

  • Compatible Brand : TOSHIBA
  • Voltage : 23Wh
  • Type : Li-ion
  • Warranty : One year warranty
  • Capacity : 10.8V
  • Color : white
  • Model Number : PA3884U

Can replace the following part numbers :

Fits the Following Models :

Toshiba AT100 Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT100-001 Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT100-002 Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT100-004 Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT100-100 Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT105-T1016 Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT105-T1016G Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT105-T1032 Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT105-T1032G Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT105-T108 Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT300 Tablet PC,
Toshiba AT300/23C Tablet PC,
Toshiba WT310 Tablet PC,
Toshiba WT310/C Tablet PC

Here are three main tips that should easily apply to all batteries in mobile devices:

  • 1 . Temperature : Do not expose your device to extreme temperatures. Cooler temperatures prevent battery corrosion, so it's always best to keep your device from overheating. It happens. Working with a tablet in your lap, you can feel the warmth heating up your legs. That means the battery is also getting hot. Work with your tablet in such a position that heat can easily dissipate.
  • 2 . Discharge : It's a myth that modern batteries need a full discharge to retain "memory" (this only applies to a nickel-based battery pack). Every full cycle wears the battery down by a small amount. So, smaller discharges are better. Try not to let your battery go beyond the half-way point before applying a charge.
  • 3 . Abuse : This is a no-brainer, but people do get careless, and every drop of that tablet runs the risk of damaging the battery within. This also applies to improper discharges. These types of discharges can happen when a process gets out of control and is allowed to continue on, which quickly runs down the battery. If you see this happening (if the tablet starts responding slowly), find the rogue process and kill it or restart the tablet.

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